Let's Be Real-Part 2...Storage (Craft Room Organization)

Published on 5 March 2023 at 09:06

Hello my crafty friends!  Have you thought about your craft room space?  Do you have a plan?  I would love to hear about how you are organizing your space.  Send me an email/text to let me know.


Today I am going to show you a few of my storage solutions for my craft space.  Remember, you do you in your space; these are just meant to be ideas to help you become better organized and help you along on your creative journey.


Vertical Storage:  Using Vertical space helps maximize your storage space.  You may choose wall cabinets, or in my case, I have repurposed bookshelves (These bookshelves have travelled the world with me and have served me well for 30 plus years.  They need a makeover this summer.) to create a wall of vertical storage.  This helped me to organize all my stamp sets, inks, blender pens, punches, adhesives, embossing supplies, ribbon/ embellishments and cardstock/envelopes.  Now each item has a place and is easily accessible.   Another great vertical storage idea is a magnet board wall for your cutting dies, a bulletin board wall to display artwork/cards or a peg board to store items and one I want to implement is a whiteboard wall for an idea/project board.


How do I store everything in my vertical storage?  I am so glad you asked!  Keep reading, I will show you how I have stored the items in my repurposed book-shelves.  Storage within my vertical storage is a continual evolution due to adding new products or additional supplies. 


Over the years, I have found, I like the clear storage solution.  I found a set of clear storage bins at Aldi's years ago and both mom and I bought out the store because these bins were perfect for our craft space.  The clear storage works for me because I can see what is in each storage bin and grab the exact product without going through each one individually.


For my craft space the shoe box size and the half shoe box size work best for all those hard to store items like ribbon and embellishment packs.  Let's delve into bookshelf one storage:

Card Template Storage

I store all my templates for cards in a shoebox size container.

Ribbon Storage

I have used three shoe box size storage bins for ribbon/bakers twine.

Embellishment Storage

I store all my embellishments in half size shoe box containers.

Sequin Storage

These containers are so awesome for sequin storage.  

Greetings/Focal Points Storage

This is one of the storage solutions I found for Sentiments/Greetings storage.  These containers were purchased from the Dollar Tree.

Washi Tape Storage

At one point, I had tons of washi tape and truly needed a storage solution.  This unit came from Michael's Craft Store.

Envelope Storage

Just a Dollar Tree Cube for all my A2 envelopes.  The 5 x 7 envelopes are stored to the left in their boxes.

6 x 6 Paper Storage

Literally just stacked on the shelf.  What do you use for 6 x 6 storage?

What storage solutions are you looking for in your craft room?  As for me, I am looking to find a solution to project management storage.  Those of you that have multiple projects going for events or blog posts:  How do you keep everything organized?  I need to hear from you!  Be sure to check back next month for Part 3 of Let's Be Real...Craft Room Organization.


Just to keep it real and show you, I still have a lot of organizing to complete.  Look at this monster I need to tackle before next month.


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