Craft Room Organization - Maintenance

Published on 18 June 2023 at 09:00

Hello, my crafty friends!  I am back with tips and tricks to keep the craft room organized.  What I have found over the years is that maintenance in the craft room is key to the organization.  First, is the cleanup after a great crafting session. Second, is inventory maintenance and lastly, is what I call the PILES maintenance.  Whether you choose to do this weekly or monthly depends on how often/how much you are crafting; ultimately these tips will help you keep your craft room clean and organized.  Are you ready to dive into maintaining your craft room?  I sure hope so.

The first picture is Crafty Cat Callie giving me the look of --- Is all of this staying here because you are messing with my nap space?  She is always right beside me while I am crafting and patiently (some times) waiting for that sliver of cardstock that she can run off with to play.

So first thing on the list today is clean up and put everything back in its place.

There you have it; workspace is all cleaned up.  Now on to cleaning the gunk off the scissors and stampin' pierce mat.  I use Alcohol pads to clean both.

Next, I clean all my blocks and place them back into their space.  Then I empty my trash.  Then, I clean up my ink pads with alcohol pads and re-ink them if necessary.

Anything on my workspace that needs put away gets put away.  Then I start checking my supply inventory.  Do I need to cut more card bases/mats?  This week it is very vanilla bases and mats that need cut. After cutting what I will need for the coming week.  I then clean my Paper Trimmer.

To clean my trimmer.  I use a brush to clean out the paper dust from the track.  I use alcohol wipes to clean the base.  Then switch out the blade.

Next it is on to the piles, the dreaded piles that just appear from nowhere, I swear!  

Some of it is business paperwork to be filed away, cards to be displayed and ongoing projects.  BUT this is how the monster starts...not addressing the piles will lead me back to the mess I started with before I organized everything.  So EVERY WEEK, I make sure I go through the piles and file things or put them in their place.  I am still working on a project storage solution that will work for me....but I am working on it.  Now it is all cleaned up.

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