Fold Flat 9 x 8 Gift Bag Tutorial

Published on 25 June 2023 at 09:00

Hello, my crafty friends!  Have you ever needed a gift bag and had to scramble to get one made?  Who hasn't, right?   Today's tutorial is for a Fold Flat 9 x 8 gift bag.  Make a few to keep on hand for your next gift bag emergency!

Supplies and Measurements:

Two (2) pieces of 12" x 12" Designer Series Paper (DSP)

Two (2) pieces of Basic White cut to 7 7/8" x 1 1/2"

Two (2) pieces of coordinating ribbon 15" to 18"


Tear and Tape

Tombow Glue

Bone Folder

Take your pick tool

Paper Snips


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Gather your supplies and follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your flat fold gift bag.


Step 1

Scoring the DSP.  It is important to note that the front and back of the bag are different.  Also, if you use directional DSP make sure your orientation is correct by placing the DSP in scoreboard with pattern right side up.

Scoring for Front of Bag:

Score at 1 1/2" down to 7 1/2"

Score at 3" all the way down

Score at 11" all the way down.

Rotate DSP one turn right 

Score at 3" all the way down

Score at 4 1/2" to the second score line

Flip the DSP over (bottom is now at top and opposite side of DSP is now showing.)  At 4 1/2" score to the first score line.


Scoring for Back of Bag:

Score at 1 1/2" to 7 1/2"

Score at 3" all the way down

Score at 11" all the way down

Rotate DSP one turn Right

Score at 3" all the way down

Score at 4 1/2" all the way down


Diagonal Scoring (same for both front and back of bag):

See image that shows the Triangle scored.  Use a ruler and scoring tool to create the triangle; starting one (1) score line up from bottom and meeting with the score line that stopped at 7 1/2"

Step 2

Fold and burnish all score lines  as shown, except the diagonal score lines.  They will fall in place once the bag is put together.

Cut as shown in pictures.

Step 3

Hole punch for the handles.

For both front and back of bag measure 3/4" down and 2" from each score line to get evenly matched handles. 


Step 4

Adding the Ribbon to front and back of bag.  

Thread the ends of one piece of ribbon through the hole punches.  Knot the ribbon and then use adhesive to tack down the ends of the ribbon as shown in the picture.  Do this for both front and back of bag.  TIP:  To match the handles use the first one as a template by matching them up together before tying the second one.

Step 5

Adding the reinforcement to front and back of bag.

Add Tombow Glue generously to the basic white strips (7 7/8" x 1 1/2") pieces and adhere it directly over your knots on the inside of the bag, making sure it adheres completely with no gaps at the top of the bag.

Step 6

Adding Tear and Tape to side flaps.

Add two strips of Tear and Tape to the one (1) inch side of both front and back pieces as shown in picture.

Step 7

Adhering the bag together.

Place your two pieces as shown (left picture is front of bag)

Take backing off tear and tape on the front of bag and adhere it to the inside of the back piece of bag with placement exactly as shown in right picture (the side with the triangle) making sure to align the top and the back piece lines directly up to the score line on the piece with tear and tape.

Adhere the other side the same way.


Step 8

Closing the bottom of the bag.

Fold the back side flap in as shown in picture.

Add Tombow glue to the side flaps

Fold in the side flaps (both left and right) as shown in picture.

Add Tombow glue to the remaining flap (front of bag) and fold in.

Using a bone folder, run in over the bottom of the bag from the inside of the bag.  

Fold bag and store it for the next gift bag emergency!

If you have any questions, just send me a comment and I will be happy to help you out!

Happy Crafting!

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Nancy Francis
a year ago

Clever and very useful!