How to Use a Magazine to Use up Scraps

Published on 11 March 2024 at 09:00

Hello, my crafty friends!

It is Monday already!  Whew, time flew by this weekend.  Today I am going to show you how I up-cycled an old magazine to use up a good bit of scraps.  I apologize for the photos; I haven't had time to edit this as family was in town for my grandson's birthday this weekend.


First, I sorted through my scraps to get a bunch of coordinating colors to make a collage.  You may like to cut the bigger scraps down but I just collaged organically with the scraps on-hand.  


I start at the right top of the page.  Start where you feel comfortable.  And just get the page covered.  Then if you don't like how it looks add a layer or two over the page.  I used a mixture of Designer series paper and cardstock on the sample pages.   There are loads of things you can do with these pages.


Stamp your cardstock

Emboss the final page

Stencil over the page

Age the paper by inking the edges (shown in the first and second picture)

Use torn edges

Use different shapes


Two important things to remember: 

1.  Work on the right page because you will be tearing pages out to make your card panels and envelope flaps. 

2.  Make sure you place glue over the entire strip because you will be cutting the page apart to make card panels.


The great thing about this method is you will use a lot of scraps and quickly!


I had intended to show how I cut them down to card panels in this post but Monday arrived too quickly.  I will work on a page and get them posted later today.

UPDATE:  I will post when I get some time to craft this week.  These 12 hour work days are killing me!

UPDATE 2:  I am working on a couple of pages today, Sunday, March 17, 2024.  As soon as I finish them, photograph, edit and upload them I will let everyone know.


So grab your scraps and an old magazine and give this a is actually a lot of fun to do.


Until then, Happy crafting!

Did you ever have a craft day go wrong?  Well, that is what delayed the posting of my samples!  I knew what I was looking for and then ended up with this mess in looking for them!  All that for the items in the picture on the right.  LOL  But since I am a glass half full kinda girl....I used more of my scraps and didn't cut into anything new.

So here is how I cut my page down and what I have left (one 6 x 6 and two scraps) of my page after making the cards below.

My Grandson's Birthday Party!

This last picture is a treasure!....both grandkids with their Great Great Grammy who will be turning 99 in a few months.

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Nancy francis
2 months ago

Very clever!! It’ll be interesting to see how you use them as finished cards. Loved the scraps you’ve used in your groupings. They look very nice together. 😉

2 months ago

I am working on these today, Nancy. I can't wait to share what I created from these pages. It is amazing how many cards you can get out of one page! I am thinking sets of cards for gifts would work great.

Judith Lawton
2 months ago

Love the phots of the kids!! Looks like the birthday party was a success!

2 months ago

The party was wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing our special day!

Judith Lawton
2 months ago

WOW! I love what you did!!
YOuo are truly and artist!!!
Cant' wait to try and make some myself.

2 months ago

Thanks so much, Judy. I can't wait to see what you make!

Nancy Francis
2 months ago

Really love the cards you created out of scraps adhered to magazine pages. Gorgeous!!

2 months ago

Thank you, Nancy! I still have a 6 x 6 piece left to create you know why I am obsessed with OSW right now. I also love that I can create these pages even if I am exhausted after a long day....and still feel like I did something creative.