TLC for Ink Pads - How to reink

Published on 19 April 2024 at 09:00

Hello, my crafty friends!  How long has it been since you gave some TLC to your ink pads?  Have you checked them recently?  


Honestly, I absolutely cringe when someone says their ink pad is hard as a rock.  This shouldn't happen but then again, I realize life DOES happen.  In a perfect world this shouldn't happen.


How often should I reink my ink pads? 

The answer isn't a clear cut answer because there are many reasons why you would need to reink more often than not.  The first being USE; if you are using your ink pads often; you will find you use the ink up quickly and it needs reinked before the rest of your collection.  The second being CLIMATE; if you live in a hot environment you may find your ink pads dry out quicker.  I know for fact that if you stamp outside for an event; the ink pads dry quick! and should be reinked upon conclusion of event.  Do you run a fan in the room you stamp in?  This will also dry ink pads.  Lastly, STORAGE could cause ink pads to dry quickly.  Do you store them near a window with sunlight?  Near a heating vent in the winter?  All things, i don't recommend doing.  As a rule, If my ink pad (Stampin' Up! dye inks) is sticky or varies in color across the pad; I reach for the reinker.


Rock Hard Ink Pad - Can it be saved?

Possibly.  Run the ink pad under water until all the ink is removed from the pad.  GENTLY press all the water out of the pad, let dry and then use reinker to fill the pad.


Old Felt Ink Pads

Do not use the new reinkers on old ink pads.  The chemical make-up of the ink has changed for the foam pads and will compromise your felt ink pad.


What do I need to reink my ink pad?

A plastic spoon, paper towels and reinkers (ALWAYS shake your reinkers well before applying to ink pad.).  Additionally, I use a lint roller to clean up my ink pad surface prior to adding the ink.  I simply roll it over the top of the pad once or twice to make sure any lint, glitter or hair is removed and the surface is ready to accept the ink.  


My Ink Pad leaked and has ink all over it, how do I safely clean the case?

I use alcohol pads to clean up any smudges off my stamp case.


My ink pad is sticking or hard to open, is something wrong?

No, not at all!  I do have a fix for that too.  Sometimes a new ink pad needs a little TLC too.  You can use either a birthday candle or plain Chapstick to run on the rails where ink pad slides to make that ink pad glide easily.  I do this to all my new ink pads.


How much ink do I add to my ink pad when reinking?

I have heard all kinds of answers to this one.  Over time, I have found when my spoon glides over the ink pad smoothly the ink pad has enough ink in it.  I have provided two pictures of ink on my ink pads.  If the ink drops stay on top of the ink pad; generally you will have enough ink in pad and spoon will glide smoothly over ink pad.  In the second picture you see the ink has soaked into the ink pad; I add additional drops to the ink pad when this happens.  


If I have missed something on reinking your ink pads; please leave a comment below so I can add additional help.


Now go give those ink pads some TLC!

Have a creative day!


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Judith Lawton
a month ago

Good advice!
I reink My memento Black ink the most.

a month ago

Thanks, Judy. I think I reink my Versamark the most because I do so much heat embossing. But I have to admit Momento is definitely close.